The oldest amongst the Languages of the World is Tamil and has a unique identification and is the first amongst the Classical Languages.  It is one of the official languages of Republic of India and is spoken by Tamil Diaspora across more than 25 countries.

The Tamil Language has also been recognized as one of the official Language in several foreign countries. Tamil is a language rich with literature dating back to BC300 and well documented.

The Tamil Language, its culture and tradition are unique. For time immemorial Tamil language has been spoken in Tamil Nadu, the Southern Part of India

Since the historical days, Tamils have ventured out and sailed across oceans and have conquered foreign land and established their kingdom around the world. Tamils have had a far-reaching connection with the East and West in business, trade and travel.

In the contemporary history and times, many a Tamil’s have become World renowned personalities and have occupied highest Chair of offices Internationally and have made a historic contribution to the development of Science and Technology contributing to the wellness of the human race.

News 7 Tamil, a household name amongst Tamil Diaspora,  a Tamil Language News Channel with the motto “ Responsibility and Social Welfare”, have chosen to identify such great personalities and duly honour them. Thus reviving the spirit and pride of Tamil amongst the Diaspora. News 7 Tamil committed to Tamil Pride has initiated to institute awards for Distinguished Personalities/ Organizations/ Entities with Tamil Origin for their illustrious service in upholding the Tamil Ethos and furthering the cause of the Classical Language “Tamil”. The awardees would be from the various fields and be having constant interaction with Public.